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Thanks for the well wishes. After a solid 3 hours. I managed to get lucky and got the server out in one try with a dependable friend who joined for an ECM exit. Finally.

Unsure why I getting downvoted, I guess some fanboys are fans of the ridiculous RNG in certain aspects of this game. I don know about some but an achievement should be skill based. Trying something hard to accomplish for you and people you play with. Doing all heists on Deathwish is an achievement. Stabbing a dozer is another type of achievement. Not “hope to click on the right 2 boxes out of the 4 available.”It would certainly be nice if the circuit board on the inside of the boxes would somehow change after cutting a wire to give a hint as to the next correct box (you notice the board has two sets of two LED esque bulbs that are just for show). you not missing anything. I got lucky and nailed the right wires a few times, but then failed elsewhere. took me 6 tries in all to get the server out undetected. It just a lot of 1) go in, cut the first wire I found. If alarm, die and repeat. 2) cut second wire I found. If alarm, die and repeat. 3) If no alarms,
cards against humanity all expansions, pray for good guard patrol patterns and avoid killing/domming/camera breaking at all costs.

Only real tip to offer is to make absolutely sure you close the damn box after you cut a wire haha. I did forget to do that once and guard totally set off the alarm. Other than that,
cards against humanity card game, ECM to open doors is critical to get in and out quickly. That about the only things you have any control over. Oh and make sure you turn off AI so you can restart more quickly rofl. so I guess that 3 tips (albeit, “duh” tips) haha

DISCLAIMER: This was before Update 24, though. probably much more of a PITA with all the new stealth changes.

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